60% energy savings - how does it work?

You may ask how the change of only the control unit of the motor might manage energy savings of up to 60% compared to 1st speed.

It seems like a scam but it is not you can go with your motor more than twice as long compared to the original motor switch..

Here is how it works:

Your current motor has a switch that usually has 5 forward speeds and 2 or 3 backward speeds which looks similar to the following:


Demo Image

The input is two cables from the battery and output is usually 4 or even 5 cables. This is what the Orcafin NX replaces and this is why it will save that much energy. The Orcafin NX has only 2 output cables instead of the 4 used by the original switch. The two more are not needed any more and can remain disconnected in the motor head.

What those two additional cables do is they use a heater that is located in the lower motor unit to allow the motor to have a 5 speed switch system. What it does in speed 1 to speed 4 is just heating some energy in the water to get the motor going slower. The slower you go the more you are heating in the water. This is also the reason why you should never rund those kind of motors outside the water.

What is Orcafin NX actually doing?

It is very simple the electronics just disconnects all heaters and lets only that much energy to the lower motor unit that ist needed. With that function you will have a variable speed control and you will have significant energy saving compared to the original switch whenever you go slower than full speed. Here you can see how the electronics and the replacement looks:

Demo Image  Demo Image Demo Image

Energy saving with Rhino VX54 trolling motor

  Original Switch Orcafin NX-800  Energy Saving %
(1. Speed) 2,2kmh 



57 %

(2. Speed) 2,4kmh 



45 %

(3. Speed) 3,0kmh 



40 %

(4. Speed) 3,6kmh 



37 %

(5. Speed) 5,0kmh 



2 %

*Tesdrive 290cm inflatable boat with 250Kg load, SLA battery 12,8V

Beside the energy saving and the variable speed check out our advanced safety features.